Assume your action RPG positions. This 4X campaign requires you to eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate. The challenges will be coming at you with ever increasing ferocity. You will begin your defense of SpaceFace in casual and puzzle gaming challenges. Pick up clues and devices as you eXplore and assess the invasion.


Once you've proven your speed and agility you'll be ready for eXpansion as you attempt to handle the incursion. Skills of management and construction simulation will be necessary as you push to eXploit the SpaceFace outer battle lines.


Quick eye-hand reactions will be necessary to pass this level. But recapturing your outer boundaries will gain you valuable experience, allowing you to succeed at the treacherous tower defense. Success there means you've reached the ultimate -- a chance to exterminate Cobra.




It'll require some risky moves and some clever RTS (Real Time Strategy). But if you master the weapons and learn the combat skills that got you this far, you'll stand half a chance in the battle against Cobra. He's the supreme commander of the Serpentia, and to defeat him will require your newly learned military strategies and tactics.


Odyssey with us...

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