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The Space Face website (“”) is operated and presented to users in all locations by Space Face LLC (“Space Face”).  The following Privacy Policy describes how Space Face collects, uses, and discloses its user’s personal information.


This Privacy Policy is a part of the terms and conditions set forth in the Terms of Use Agreement (“Terms”).  Any terms that are not defined in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning given in the Terms.  This Privacy Policy is effective as of December 1, 2008, and applies to all information previously obtained by Space Face.  Space Face reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy.  Space Face users will be given notice of any changes by the posting of the amended Privacy Policy on the Space Face website, with the effective date of any changes clearly marked.  As required by law, Space Face will not use user’s personally identifiable information (“PII”) in any way that is materially different than the ways described in this Privacy Policy, without providing notification of such activities and obtaining consent from the user.


 Space Face is committed to protecting its users and any and all personal information collected on its website.  Space Face ensures that its privacy policy and information practices conform to the United States Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and any other relevant legislation.


 1.       Types of Information Space Face Collects


 A.      Personally Identifiable Information


 During the initial registration, Space Face requires the child’s account name, password, and a parent’s email address.  Space Face tells its users to not use any recognizable personal information for their account name.  When the child becomes a paying member of the website, Space Face may collect additional PII from the child’s parent.  This includes, but is not limited to, the parent’s full name, email address, and credit card billing information, including billing address.  Only information that is reasonably necessary for payment processing will be required.  One parent’s valid email address is required for registration, which will be correlated with the child’s user name.  This email address is used to send parents information on how to activate their child’s Space Face account, any updates about the account, information about Space Face’s privacy policy, information about products or services provided by Space Face and its related companies and affiliates, and for other purposes described in this Privacy Policy.  Space Face may also request a user name and parent’s email address in order to respond to inquiries sent through the “Contact Us” function of the website.


Space Face only collects financial information required by Space Face’s processing vendor to process credit card payments.  This financial information is not stored by Space Face, however, it may be stored by the processing vendor in order to process the payments.


Space Face may deny Space Face membership, and users will be unable to utilize certain Space Face content or receive requested information, products or services, if the requisite PII is not provided.


Space Face takes measures to prevent users from communicating PII to other users through its chat function. However, there remains a risk that PII disclosed to other users during a chat may be read, collected, or used by other users.  Space Face is not responsible for any PII users choose to submit to other users through the chat function.


B.      Non-Personally Identifiable Information


Occasionally, Space Face may ask its users to provide information that is NOT personally identifiable, such as country of residence.


Space Face may passively collect non-personally identifiable computer information; including the user’s IP Address, the type of web browser being used (e.g., Safari, Firefox), the type of computer operating system (e.g., Mac OS), and some internet service provider information.  This information may be linked to the user’s PII.  Any information linked to user’s PII will be protected by Space Face as if it were PII.


2.       How Space Face Uses, Discloses and Stores Collected Information


Space Face may actively collect and use user’s email addresses and user names to analyze site usages, to ensure that users are adhering to the website’s Terms of Use, or to ban users that engage in inappropriate conduct on the website.  Email addresses and user names may also be used to permit user’s parents to review any PII that their child has submitted to the Space Face website.  Additionally Space Face may use information to provide parents updates about the website, including amendments to this Privacy Policy, and to offer services, products, or programs.


A.      By Express or Implied Consent


Space Face will collect, use and disclose user’s PII in accordance with the form of consent required by applicable law, and its use will be limited to the objectives for which it was collected as described herein.  The form of consent can vary from implied to express consent, depending on the circumstances and the sensitivity of the type of information collected.  Space Face will rely on implied consent when it can be reasonably concluded that users’ parents have given consent by action.


B.      When Required By Law


Space Face reserves the right to collect, use and disclose user’s PII when required or permitted by law (e.g., in response to court order).  Space Face may also disclose information to a law enforcement agency’s or other public agency’s request or to prevent the instigation of a crime, including protecting the child’s safety and rights while using the website, to protect the website’ s security, and to protect the website against legal liability.


C.      Service Providers


Space Face may disclose information to service providers that do NOT use or disclose the information for any purposes other than to provide support for the operation of the website.


D.      In the Event of Change of Ownership of Space Face


User’s PII may be transferred to a third party to the extent permitted by applicable law in the event that Space Face sells all or part of its business or assets, or is otherwise involved in a merger or business transfer.


E.       Jurisdiction


PII may be transferred and stored outside of the user’s jurisdiction, if the user resides outside of the United States.


F.       Financial Information and Payment Processing Vendor


If a user decides to purchase a membership to Space Face, or any additional products or programs from the website, financial information will be required at the time of purchase.  Space Face does not store this financial information.  Any and all financial information provided by users will be collected and stored by Space Face’s payment processing vendor for the sole purpose of  processing payments made to Space Face.  The payment processing vendor has agreed to maintain the confidentiality and security of user’s financial information.  Additionally, Space Face’s financial institution is bound by the privacy laws relating to the provision of financial services.


G.      Cookies


Space Face may utilize “cookies,” which are text files that store user’s preferences in their computer browsers and do NOT in themselves contain any PII.  If any cookies are linked to a user’s PII, the cookies will be treated by Space Face as if they were PII.  Space Face will use cookies to monitor website usage (e.g., geographic location of its visitors, number of visitors, and the frequency that various sections of the website are visited).


H.      Length of Retention


Space Face will retain PII for a duration of time that is reasonably necessary to meet the purposes for which it was collected or to comply with any legal requirements, including statutory retention periods.  After this duration of time, PII will be erased from Space Face records.


3.       Third-Party Sites and Sponsors


Space Face does not permit third-party companies to solicit or advertise to its users.


4.       Security


Space Face utilizes appropriate procedures to protect and help prevent unauthorized access to or use of user’s information.  Space Face utilizes physical, electronic and managerial procedures to protect user’s PI.  This includes, but is not limited to, industry-standard efforts including passwords, firewalls, and requiring employees and third parties who have access to PII to sign confidentiality agreements.


5.       Parent’s Access to Information and Objection to Information Collection and Storage


Please contact our Privacy Director if you would like to access your PII that Space Face has collected, review the accuracy of the PII, request to have the PII deleted, request that Space Face cease collecting or maintaining the PII, or if you would like information about the organizations your PII has been disclosed to and how to contact them.  To protect users’ and their parents’ security, Space Face takes reasonable steps to verify identity before granting access to PII.


Please direct any questions or comments regarding your PII or this Privacy Policy to



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